Cats, you know you love ’em!

Who doesn’t love cats? With their wit, charm, and colorful personalities, cats have captured our hearts. Even if you don’t have a cat, you must admit, at one point in your life, you liked them – maybe it was that time your friend sent you a link to this funny cat video, or maybe that time a cat gave you some loving when no one else actually would. We all love them at some level.

So who wouldn’t want a Cat they could carry along with them? EZ Apps tailored it for us through Add A Cat for Android, giving us the power to add multiple number of cats to our photos and upload them directly to Facebook.
This app comes with a variety of cats to choose from and a meow on every click. A total bargain for Cat-lovers not because it’s cheap but because it is 100% FREE. Just key in “Add A Cat” at the Android Market for non-stop Add A Cat. We know you love them and your photos need them.For more Add-A-Cat visit us here: